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Fresh coriander leaves

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Fresh coriander leaves, also known as cilantro has a rich source of manganese, iron, dietary fibre and magnesium that can help counter stomach pain, hernia, diarrhoea, intestinal gas and loss of appetite. This parsley has loads of benefits such that it can be used to treat toothaches, joint pain, measles and infections that are caused by bacteria and fungus.fresh coriander leaves exporter: Crush a few fresh coriander leaves to make a fine paste. Add lemon and salt in it for flavours. Enjoy the fresh coriander chutney with snacks It is also consumed by breastfeeding mothers because it said to increase milk flow. Consuming this parsley can prevent you from getting food poisoning.

coriander reduces blood sugar levels and can also kill some parasites. Also, called as ‘Dhaniya’, this healthy parsley has been used in many dishes around the world. However, its leaves, seeds and oil give a good aroma to your dish. Here are some health benefits of adding fresh coriander to your daily diet.fresh coriander contains essential oils that are antioxidant, anti-infectious and antimicrobial in nature. It also contains vitamin C and iron that helps strengthen the immune system. You need to keep in mind that if you have a strong immune system, then this will prevent your body from getting infected easily. Thus, fresh coriander export you have a stronger immune system that will thereby prevent you from smallpox. However, there have been studies in the past that have proved that foods containing vitamin C can help treat and cure smallpox.

Fresh coriander is good for the eyes. Antioxidants in fresh coriander prevent eye diseases. It’s a good remedy in the treatment of conjunctivitis. The major component that is found in fresh coriander oil is citronellal that acts as a major antiseptic that cures mouth ulcers. Also, there are a few other components that have antimicrobial properties that can help in faster healing of wounds and mouth ulcers. fresh coriander exporter has a very potent antibiotic compounds and volatile oils that act as very effective antimicrobial agents. These compounds are found especially in fresh and uncooked fresh coriander leaves and their extract. Moreover the leaves can be used to treat fungal, bacterial and yeast infections as well.Consuming this healthy parsley will not give you bad breath. In fact, some people chew fresh coriander leaves for avoiding bad breath and it actually works.

Fresh coriander leaves and oil may help lower blood sugar levels, which is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes. People with low blood sugar levels or on diabetes medication should avoid fresh coriander to further lower their blood sugar levels as they promote enzyme activities that help rid sugar from the blood.fresh coriander exporter has a rich source of calcium that will be an added benefit for those who would want to take good care of their bones. Calcium plays an essential part in bone regrowth and the prevention of osteoporosis. This means that adding a little of fresh coriander to your everyday diet will help strengthen your bones. Calcium is present in the centre of every fresh coriander leaf, so all you need to do is to add some fresh coriander to your everyday diet and this will do good for your bones.