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Carob seeds

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Carob seeds have been used for thousands of years by civilizations which is located in Mediterranean region as well as Adriatic Sea. carob seeds tree have been used since long time dating back to ancient Egyptian times. carob seeds sees has gum like qualities which is used as a binding adhesive for mummies when buried in tombs. St. John’s bread was named with the famed story of St. John who is a Baptist monk who enjoyed consuming pods of carob seeds fruit. The term bread was due to the texture of fresh ripe pod which is slightly chewy in nature. It has been used as a liqueur, syrup and ingredient in Mediterranean region. carob seeds syrup is commonly known as black gold in island of Cyprus.

Carob seeds is used as a beverage and consumed fresh for ceremonial purposes in Islamic customs and used as traditional food in Jewish community for celebration of special holidays. The old style carob seeds press is found in small villages in Lebanon as well as other parts of worlds. Today Spain, , Italy, Greece and Portugal are the top carob seeds producing countries.carob seeds is very high, especially in terms of calcium and iron. It is also a good source of riboflavin, folic acid, niacin, vitamin E, potassium, copper, manganese and selenium and dietary fiber.

Carob seeds is a nondairy alternative to chocolate, offering an option to those with lactose intolerance or milk allergies. It is lower in fat, calories and caffeine than chocolate, so it can be a beneficial substitute if you are trying to lose weight. It is bitter as a stand-alone ingredient, however. When researchers from Purdue University substituted milk chocolate with melted carob seeds chips on unsalted pretzels,

they found that taste testers preferred the sweeter dark and milk chocolate over carob seeds but concluded that adding a sweetener to it may make it more palatable. carob seeds has its way all around the world which includes California as well. Evidence has shown the use of carob seeds products dating back to ancient Greece and Egypt. It was used as a food source.carob seeds is an evergreen flowering shrub, belonging to the pea family. Native to the Mediterranean region especially in the eastern and southern area of Spain, carob seeds is cultivated for its edible seeds. It is found in its natural form in Southern Anatolia, Cyprus, Syria, Greece, Spain, , Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Israel. Consumed since ancient times, it is also known as Saint John’s Bread or locust bean

Carob seeds is frequently used as a chocolate substitute in baking and in sweets, although it is not from the same plant. Harvested from bean-shaped pods, this sweet food is grown around the world, according to Purdue University. carob seeds is most commonly made into carob seeds flour, which is similar in appearance and texture to cocoa. Whole pods are sometimes processed to make a syrup used in commercially produced foods, including baked goods, carob seeds chips, ice cream and carob seeds-covered fruits such as raisins. carob seeds is rich in a number of nutrients and antioxidants, and may help lower cholesterol levels. Seeds of carob seeds are consistent in size and weight. This species is ancient and have survived last ice age and flourished since Mediterranean region. It is adapted to harsh climates as well as poor soils. The species is cultivated widely throughout its natural range due to its reliability as a resource of food and fuel during the times of drought as well.