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Carob Powder

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carob powder may be a healthier alternative to chocolate with beneficial effects on blood sugar and cholesterol. It contains no caffeine, and its rich in fiber and antioxidants. However, some people say it falls short when it comes to taste. Read on to learn the health benefits of carob powder, nutrition facts, and interesting ways to add it to your diet.carob powder export fiber lowered several markers associated with weight gain after a meal. Among others, it powerfully reduced acylated ghrelin, the hunger hormone. Plus, it lowered triglycerides and fatty acids, pointing to carob powders fat-burning action

carob powder is a species of flowering evergreen shrub which belongs to Fabaceae family. carob powder tree is inherent to Mediterranean region such as Northern Africa, Southern Europe, larger Mediterranean islands, Northern Africa, Levant and Middle-East of Western Asia to Iran and Canary Islands and Macaronesia. It is cultivated for its edible pods and grown as an ornamental tree in gardens.carob powder export naturally contains polyphenols, which help with blood cholesterol levels in a way similar to dietary fiber. Dietary fiber helps lower cholesterol levels. A 2010 issue of "Plant Foods for Human Nutrition" reported on a human study that found a 4-gram serving of polyphenol-rich fiber twice a day led to a decreased level of serum lipids; low density lipoproteins, also known as "bad" cholesterol; high density lipoproteins, or "good" cholesterol; and triglycerides after a period of four weeks.

carob powder pulp has insoluble fiber which is known to affect blood lipids in animals like soluble dietary fiber. The study was conducted to investigate the beneficial effect of carob powder pulp preparation on serum cholesterol in humans. The regular intake of food products rich in carob powder fiber has beneficial effects on human blood lipid profile by lowering bad cholesterol level and improves LDL to HDL cholesterol ratio.carob powder is a tree. Don't confuse carob powder with Jacaranda carob export, which is also known as carob powder tree. People use the carob powder fruit (pods) for medicine and in foods.

carob powder is used for diarrhea, diabetes, prediabetes, persistent heartburn, obesity, and high cholesterol, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. In foods and beverages, carob powder is used as a flavoring agent and as a chocolate substitute. carob powder flour and extracts are also used as ingredients in food products .The study concluded that consuming carob powder fibers effectively prevents as well as treats hypercholesterolemia. It could lower the risk of cardiovascular problems such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.carob powder tree has the ability to tolerate heat and drought and is well adapted to Mediterranean climate. carob powder tree is cultivated on marginal lands in Mediterranean basin where few other crops are cultivated economically. carob powder is inter-planted with grapes, olives and nuts.

carob powder provides better blood sugar control. Two clinical trials compared the effects of a pre-meal snack (cookies) with either carob powder or chocolate on blood sugar levels and food intake. People given the carob powder snack had lower blood sugar levels, reported feeling more full, and ate less food at the following meal carob powder is usually made from the pods (without seeds). It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. You can add it to smoothies, shakes, or use in baking. The seeds contain the highest amounts of antinutrients, making carob powder powder a better option